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My love for charcoal

After spending a year experimenting on different art medium (pastels, watercolor, oils, ink), I revisited drawing with charcoal and this time I simply fell in love with it. This oldest form of dry art medium amazes me each time, with how versatile it can be due to its ability to produce stunning effects from varied tones and values.

Although I love creating most of my art with Vine charcoal (it feels like drawing with a feather!), I more often than not use Compressed charcoal for its firmness and more pronounced and bolder effect. I also use Charcoal pencils extensively for bringing out the finer details. I love how drawing with charcoal brings sophistication and class to an artwork, be it stand-alone monotone drawings or when combined with more vibrant color palette of other mediums like ink / pastels.

Unlike other medium, charcoal however requires a lot of control and effort (both during the process of making art and post-painting) to produce and preserve clean work. But once you use the right tools and techniques, life can be quite rewarding! I'm here to create clean and elegant art from this messy but beautiful medium! I'm glad I found charcoal as my medium of expression. I truly, thoroughly enjoy creating art with it!

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